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What is Organic Certification?        

Organic certification is a procedure by which an independent party gives a written assurance that a production process is in conformity with organic standards.

It is a marketing instrument that enables access to a special market. It confers a positive statement that a producer follows the rules of organic production.

In countries with regulated organic markets, certification is mandatory.

EnCert is a Kenyan certification body which offers organic certification services to individual producers as well as producer groups.


How Organic Certification is Controlled      
All the principles, practices and requirements of organic production and processing are defined in Organic Standards. The basic requirements include

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The Principles of Organic Agriculture        

As defined by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) – apply to agriculture in the broadest sense, including the way people tend soils, water, plants and animals in order to produce, prepare and distribute food and other goods.

They concern the way people interact with living landscapes, relate to one another and shape the legacy for future generations.

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